Vehicle and travel expenses; what can you claim? If driving to and from work is not considered work travel; so what is?

According to the ATO guidelines on vehicle and travel expenses, travelling directly between two separate work places (as long as one of those isn’t your home) is deductible. Interestingly, if you claim travel if you have to carry  bulky tools or equipment your employer requires you use for work and couldn’t leave them at your workplace.

Check with the ATO website for more claimable examples.

What you cannot claim is when:

  • you do minor work-related tasks; for example, picking up the mail on the way to work or home;
  • you have to drive between your home and your workplace more than once a day;
  • you are on call;  for example, you are on stand-by duty and your employer contacts you at home to come into work;
  • there is no public transport near where you work;
  • you work outside normal business hours; for example, shift work or overtime;
  • your home was a place where you ran your own business and you travelled directly to a place of work where you worked for somebody else;
  • you do some work at home.

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