Tax Arana has put together a list of what you can do TODAY to maximise your income tax return. So what can you do?

Tax Arana’s tips to maximise your income tax return:

  1.  Motor Vehicle claims – have you used your personal vehicle for work related purposes? have you got the records?
  2. Review your work calendar and see if you have claimed all your work related expenses
  3. Donations: have you included all donations you’ve made in the past 12 months?
  4. Medicare Levy Surcharge – do you need to pay it?
  5. Bring forward deductions – ask us if you qualify for this
  6. Superannuation contributions / concessional contributions; have you made personal contributions?
  7. Capital Gains tax – have you got a CGT liability?
  8. Education expenses – are you studying a work related course?

Rather than wait until the new financial year, come and see us at Tax Arana today while there is still time to effect change, and maximise your income tax return by reviewing where you are currently at.

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