With tax ‘season’ looming, many of you will be starting to get ready  – or at least thinking about it – to submit your information (and probably a shoe box of receipts) to your tax agent.  While we all want a quick process, and have a nice little surprise in the form of a return as swiftly as possible, rushing this process can lead to errors, and actually cause some pretty big delays.

Tax + Super Australia has recently released a list of the most common errors made, and how to avoid them.  Yes, this article is aimed at Tax Agents, but we need your assistance in ensuring what you give to us is correct. To ensure a pain free process, be sure to avoid making these mistakes:

  1. Incorrect client details (name, address, date of birth, bank account details and tax file numbers etc.)
  2. Lodging duplicate returns (if you need to correct a mistake, ask for an amendment)
  3. Repeating information
  4. Omitting income or information

In the meantime, keep preparing your books, and checking all your information is correct. Give us a call and let us prepare your tax returns for you!

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